Enneagram Classes
+ Group Work

Enneagram classes + group work

The Enneagram is an incisive and dynamic personality system that helps us to uncover the motivations behind why we do what we do. The fundamental premise of the Enneagram is that there are nine basic personality structures in human nature.

Nine points of view, nine value systems, nine ways of being in the world.

Each of us lands in one of these nine points.

This profound tool can help us uncover the core beliefs that motivate & drive the habits & patterns that we continue to unconsciously repeat in our lives. It is an invaluable map guiding each of us to the gifts and blockages within our respective personality structures.

In understanding the structures of ourselves, of those we love, and of those we don’t love so much – there is an invitation for each of us to step into greater levels of understanding, tolerance, and compassion for both self and other.

Class Info

Why the Enneagram?

Who doesn’t want to know why they do what they do? Every time I begin an introductory class or talk to anyone about the Enneagram I ask them: Have you ever done something over and over again and wondered why you keep doing it? And you want to stop, but it feels like you either can’t or you don’t know how? This is where the Enneagram can help immensely. By using the Enneagram as a map, we can unearth why we do what we do. When we know what we are doing and why we are doing it, we can then enact change. So the next time I feel the complusion to do that same habit that keeps getting me in trouble or causes me suffering, I can make another choice. The Enneagram is a system that if used well, can help to liberate us from the habitual traps we continuously get stuck in. It can liberate us from ourselves.

Introductory Classes

Cover the basics of the system in a fun and interactive way. We take a tour of the 9 types together. We will explore the innate gifts of the types - what do you bring to the world? And the challenges of the types - where do you tend to chronically and compulsively get stuck?

Introductory classes are 3-5 hours.

Advanced Classes

Delve into more complex Enneagram teachings, especially as they relate to the 9 types functioning in relationships and the world at large; always circling back to how each of us can move into and through the world in a healthful way with presence and heart. Advanced classes are 2-3 hours and go in rounds that range anywhere from 6-12 week increments depending on the focus. These are typically catered to what the respective group needs and wants. However, sometimes a class topic is set and an invitation is sent out to past and current clients.

Meeting Info

  • Zoom/Skype
  • Phone
  • In Person - Petaluma, CA

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