“Dana really listens, without judgment. Her session room is magic. Her voice is very relaxing. During my work with her, I have become aware that the minute she closes the door my session has begun. I may not have a particular subject to address but my intent is always to work on something that will keep me on and aid me along my path. She helps me focus my thoughts on what I need to do for myself.

It might sound weird, but I think one of her gifts is the ability to untangle energetic blocks. Somehow through her intent, spiritual gifts, education, and training she elicits from you what you need to address. In my perception she becomes your mirror, enabling you to become more truthful to yourself about yourself."

S. A. Napa (For hypnosis & coaching)

“I was extremely impressed with Dana and her ability to describe and explain the types so articulately and in such an engaging way.”
Anonymous, Redwood City (For enneagram classes)

"What started out as a curiosity (class) has evolved into a spiritual journey."
E. M. San Francisco (For enneagram classes and group work)

“Thank you for your sincere approach on the subject matter in our class. Sensitive in nature but you still challenged us to reflect on our emotions and reasoning behind them, to become mindful of them. You being sincere and passionate allowed us to feel you being real with us. Someone who speaks with real insight that drives them – there is not denying that. Where if it was forced and fake, I would have felt that also.“
Anonymous, San Jose (For enneagram classes)

"I became stuck in my spiritual work. I could feel the progress slowing down. I was not sure what direction to head. I was looking for something to help me off the plateau I was standing on. I had been introduced to the enneagram several years ago and found it intriguing. I thought it would be a good compliment to what I was doing. But then life and the instructor that introduced me to the enneagram moved on. Recently, I started working with Dana. I have known Dana her whole life. I had counseled her …would she now be willing to counsel me? I had seen her in action as an enneagram guide and was very impressed.

Personality work is, as far as I am concerned, very different from spiritual work or transcendent work. Both are necessary and the enneagram is an excellent personality tool with a long history. I wanted something that was proven. I am too old to experiment.

I have been working with Dana for over a year now and have learned remarkable things about myself. She has an innate ability to pull out of you small, dark, pebbles that if not removed will fester and infect. So, if you are not ready and/ or willing to have those removed – walk away. If you are ready to let go of parts of you that are stifling or plateauing you, then you will be in capable, compassionate, courageous hands."

Terry A. Marin County (For hypnosis, coaching, enneagram classes, & group work)